Last Sunday felt kind of intense to me. There seemed to be an uncommon weight attached to the subject matter. I wasn’t sure what to make of it initially. I realize it’s not every Sunday we talk about sex and lust, etc., but after reflecting on it for a few days I became convinced that, given our current cultural context, the truth of God’s Word in this area is like a splash of cold water on the face. And let’s be honest, many of us either carry baggage from our past or are dealing with sex struggles currently.

         You need to know that there is forgiveness, healing and freedom available to you in Jesus. Jesus takes our broken lives and begins to fashion something beautiful. The voice of wisdom is calling us to a place of wholeness and harmony with God. There really is a beautiful art to living.

     That said, I am so excited for this Sunday’s services! Not only will we do part 2 of the Strange Woman sermon, but Jovi Harp will be giving a ‘spoken word’ performance. Jovi and his wife Jessi are a sweet young couple who are involved in our Jr. High ministry. If you don’t know what ‘spoken word’ is, you will after Sunday. 

Love you guys, g