"...Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise,..."

    Tomorrow at church we'll be focusing in on one of the great secrets to the art of living well. Life is made up of relationships. Every person has influence to one degree or another. So we are simultaneously being influenced and influencing. Once we learn to be selective in who we allow to influence us, we'll also become people of greater influence. Like me, I know you want your life to count for the Lord. Tomorrow's sermon will be extremely practical toward that end.

    In addition, I want to say thank you Lord and thank you Church for your faithfulness in giving financially. More and more are discovering the blessing of giving God the first and best portion of their increase. We look forward to finishing the year well and launching into what we believe is going to be an exciting and super-fruitful year for us as a church. Please remember  your church in your year end giving.  Together by God's grace we can accomplish amazing things for the Kingdom.
    See you in the morning...

Love you guys, g