A Nation Divided

“….blessed are the peacemakers….” (Matthew 5:9)


    Our nation appears to be divided. Since Tuesday’s election we’ve witnessed a lot of crying and protesting…as well as gloating and rejoicing. If your candidate won, there is perhaps a more virtuous response than gloating and mocking. If your candidate lost, there is perhaps a more effective response than crying and protesting. 

    Jesus put a high value on peace-making. Peace-making requires that we not be so in love with our own opinion that we can’t listen with respect to those whose opinion is different than ours. Peace-making requires that we be secure in our identity in Christ. Peace-makers are fully aware that there will be no perfect government or perfect politician until Jesus comes back. Jesus said that peace-makers 'shall be called the children of God'. I like the sound of that.


    Also……I’m looking forward to Sunday as we continue to look at cultivating a ‘God-first life.’ Not only that, but we will be having our first-ever baptism inside the auditorium during 2nd service. See you in the morning.


Love you guys, g