‘Amnon had a friend, whose name was Jonadab…..and Jonadab was a very crafty man.’ 

(2 Sam. 13:3)

Life is made up of relationships and those relationships impact us whether for bad or for good. David’s son Amnon had a friend named Jonadab who helped him fulfill his sinful lust. He was ‘crafty’ and able to lure Amnon’s step-sister Tamar into Amnon’s room, where Amnon did the unthinkable.

Quite honestly I have had friends who were not a good influence on me, as well as friends who were. I have been a bad influence at times in my life, as well as good. This Sunday we’re going to attempt to think deeply about our friendships as we explore what the bible has to say on the subject.

Also, don’t forget to set your clocks one hour ahead as we ‘spring forward’ into Daylight Savings Time.

See you Sunday.

Love you guys, g